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French manufacturer of high-speed CNC milling machines for non-ferrous materials

For many years, SBC is one of the leading French builders in the world of professional high-speed machining.

Our expertise in design and innovation enables us to tailor our various machine ranges to the personalized needs of our customers.

We cultivate a strong partnership with our customers to continually enhance our various machine ranges, as they are the ones who can identify the issues related to their profession.


The Advantages of a CNC Machine from SBC Automation

By choosing your CNC machine from SBC Automation, you will have a professional team at your service, cutting-edge equipment, and responsive after-sales support. You will receive several days of training to familiarize yourself with this new working tool. This will give you full mastery of your new CNC machine, allowing you to immediately benefit from its advantages.

We will assist you in operating the machine tool, as well as in performing tasks specific to your work. You can customize the machine according to your needs with multiple options such as the high vacuum suction system or laser and 3D probes.

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What Materials Can You Work with a CNC Machine ?

With a CNC machine, it's possible to work with a wide variety of materials. Among them, you can find wood (hardwood, softwood, MDF...), foams, plastics, and composites, as well as metals. However, for our CNC milling machines, it's possible to work only with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, or titanium, for example.

The machining tables of our CNC milling machines are equipped with a vacuum system that provides excellent workpiece retention. This system has the significant advantage of immobilizing all types of materials perfectly, thereby increasing milling precision.

A CNC milling machine is a machine tool that can complement laser cutting or waterjet cutting processes.


CNC machines have facilitated the development and production convenience in numerous industries. With these computer-controlled machine tools, it is possible to save time, enhance efficiency, improve precision, and enhance safety.

To learn more about how a CNC machine operates, we have compiled important information for you to know.

The Operation of a CNC Machine

A CNC machine utilizes computerized control to perform high-precision machining operations. It all begins with the programming of the CNC machine. A programmer, often assisted by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, creates a set of instructions describing the machining operations required to create the desired part. These instructions are written in G-code, which is a programming language specific to CNC machines.

Once the machining program is created, it is loaded into the CNC machine's control system. This system, also known as the controller, is the central unit of the machine that executes the program instructions and controls the movements of the milling cutter or cutting tool.

The controller interprets the G-code and sends electrical signals to the motors that move the machine's axes, typically X, Y, Z (potentially A and C for 5-axis machines), according to the coordinates specified in the program.

In certain machining operations, our CNC machines, which are computer numerical control milling machines, automatically change tools to perform specific operations as directed by the machining program.

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