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We could base our pitch on the high quality of our CNC milling machines, the efficiency of our automatically controlled chip vacuum brushes, our energy-saving automatic machines that stop at the end of their program, or the reputation for reliability of our vacuum tables, the outstanding performance of our CNC milling machines... because, of course, you will benefit from all these features and much more with our machines and accessories. We aim to highlight the multiple configurations of our CNC digital milling machines, including those customized for your business or industry, whatever it may be!

Broche de sciage 2 axes avec lames diamètre 350 mm

2-axis sawing spindle with blade diameter 350 mm

DBA-S dedicated to the machining of panels, it has a circular sawing cutting option allowing the machining...
palpeur 3D

3D sensor

The 3D probe with probing cycle enables part repositioning.  It can be used to pick up origins for part...
4 eme axe

4-axis machine

Special DCL Machine fitted with a 4th axis built into the end of the table for creating rotating parts up...
berceau 5 axes

5-axis Cradle DBG Special Machine

5-axis continuous DBG Machine fitted with a Tilting rotary table.
Usinage côté pièces - SBC


The unit provides a 4th axis angle transmission for machining the sides of parts. It will help avoid...
magasin capoté

Covered store

The covered magazine will protect the rest of your tools, and prevent chips from depositing in the cones.
SBC - Machine DBA S découpe en série

Double heads

Machine with dual heads, dual digital magazines and pendulum mode, will enable you to produce mass-produced...
SBC aspiration kevac 7.5 avec benne

High vacuum suction system

High vacuum suction system 7.5 kW ATEX, with automatic declogging coupled with a 500 litre capacity cyclone...
SBC - Palpeur laser

Laser sensor

The laser probe enables a more precise probing cycle for tool diameter and length. Your production will be...

Oscillating knife

The oscillating knife tool cuts foam of different thicknesses and densities. It is ideal for cutting...
SBC - Table d'aspiration à joints

Suction table with high vacuum seals

Suction table with high-vacuum joints in thick aluminum, for holding parts in volumes starting from a...

Do you need a CNC milling machine that combines power with machining precision, adaptability, and ease of use? SBC Automation offers a wide range of machine tools for all types of materials: wood, plastics, composites, non-ferrous metals, and foams. They all share user-friendliness, scalability, and a pleasant system.

The ease of use of our CNC milling machines is such that someone who has never touched a milling machine in their life can machine a perfect part after just two days of training provided when you purchase one of our machine tools.

All our CNC milling machines are configured and equipped with software (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) specially designed for our clients' sectors. They come from various sectors, including industry, of course, but also encompass set decorators, design and communication agencies, PPS manufacturers, and more. With our CNC milling machines, you can accurately machine attractive, well-finished, and convincing prototypes. Our specialized software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your sector-specific software. After producing a model for your sector software, our software translates the data from your prototype into "machine language," allowing you to meet very specific requirements such as texture, wood imitation, leather, and even crocodile skin with surprising realism! Like a large printer, creations can even be in "flat" 3D.

Of course, our CNC milling machines are renowned and recognized in the mechanical industry for their performance and power in traditional machining and aerospace, and more. They combine precision in setting, endurance, and exceptional reliability. Their reliability is also appreciated due to the responsiveness of our after-sales maintenance technicians and the ease of contact with our hotline specialists.


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