Milling machine DCL

Fraiseuse DCL

Available in 2 basic sizes :

  • 2100 x 3100 mm   (82.6 x 122 in)
  • 2100 x 4100 mm   (82.6 x 161.4 in)

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Materials :


Precision :

4 étoiles

Power /material thickness:

3 étoiles

Energy saving :

3 étoiles

The DCL has been designed for customers in the wood industry, who wish to turn to a large-scale CNC controlled equipment

The basic configuration of these 2 sizes includes :

  • A 4 Kw, 24,000 RPM electro spindle with automatic tool change by ISO30 spindle taper, ER32 collet chuck, max. tool diameter 20 mm (0.78 in)
  • A tool magazine for 6 tools with tool touch probe
  • A vacuum table for parts holding
  • A pneumatic lifting suction system for chip removal 
  • Minimal quantity lubrication (MQL)

DCL can be configured with various options to meet your production needs

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